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Wedding Planning and Services

Hindu marriage harmonizes two individuals for ultimate eternity, so that they can pursue dharma, arth and kama. It is a union of two families and a memorable event forever. The wedding ceremonies are very colourful, and celebrations may extend for several days. 

Planning a wedding is an exciting and overwhelming experience that every couple and family member should enjoy and cherish forever. It also an event that requires perfect planning and though down to the smallest detail.

Hindu Pooja wedding planners provide you with the support you need from the start so that your wedding remains memorable event by maintain the sanctity.

We are known for flawless eye for details and perfect execution with countrywide operations with local vigor. Our end to end services will certainly meet your expectations of wedding within budget.

Our mission is providing the best quality timely services and more importantly, a memorable and satisfying customer experience.


Choosing the best Photographer/Videographer for your special event is not just simple, and is a crucial decision as a couple. There are several amazing photographers available today, and it's not an easy thing to find the best choice in the abundance of videographers out here. Our handpicked artists will make your search easier, so you can spend time on things that matter.

Hindu Pooja photographers and videographers have been preserving memories for all of life's precious events from several years. We ensure that your event will be a stamp of your life and guaranteed to be filled with all the emotions and excitement.

Have a special event coming up? We not only handle your special occasion but we have the expertise required to capture all your great moments. Here we are providing some of our example event coverage.


Searching for a perfect food affair that complements your special occasion?

Look no further! Hindu Pooja caterers provide a lavish food itinerary that fulfils your specific catering need. Be it a large or small side event, our broad-range of catering services covering complete food preparation and presentation for fo gatherings.

Whether you are planning a traditional Indian wedding or an event to celebrate in a modern way, the food you choose to serve will be a remembrance long after your big day. We are not just caterers of high-end. We create worth remembering experiences all your life.

We take pride in delivering the unmatchable and unforgettable experience to your taste buds. We present our food in the most innovative manner and with unmatched customized service in the industry.

Hindu Pooja caterers offer you with more recent thoughts and a list of excellent choices designed for different events. Our experts to make your event a grand success and sweep you off your feet! It truly is an experience which our customers never forget.

Gifts to Guests

Special moments are rare to encounter and can be relished later in the series of snapshots if they are celebrated in an unmatchable manner. Presenting gifts to your family members or friends on special occasions has always been a popular tradition. Gifts regardless of the event enhance festive vibes. It is quite pleasing to see the faces of your beloved ones glittering with excitement while receiving gifts.

We at Hindu Pooja yearn to bring excitement out our clients by offering them a unique collection of gifts for every occasion. Our diverse gift collection has been further categorized based on age, personality, relationship, and occasion.

Decors and Florists

Hindu Pooja is one of the finest floral designers in India, specializing in a variety of uniquely beautiful, and original floral designs for various occasions of Weddings. We gather all of your floral content in one place and discover recurring themes such as types of flowers, colors, and arrangement styles.

If you're in search of the best wedding decoration for your special day, look no further than Hindu Pooja We provide the most beautiful, unique creations for almost every event type. We also specialize in professional flower arrangements based on specific client requirements.

We are specialized in the following decoration services:

  • Wedding Backdrop decoration
  • Convention halls
  • Engagement ceremony decoration
  • Mandap decorations
  • Party decoration

Hindu Pooja is considered as an essential part of every event. Our team consists of the well-trained and dedicated professionals having years of experience in creating large and complex installations. Being a one-stop destination for your decoration needs, it strives to make available even the rarest of the rare.

Wedding Cards

Special moments are to be cherished and celebrated in the company of our near and dear. We have an exclusive card collection to invite our guests for the most memorable moment of your life.

Hindu Pooja is an exclusive destination for providing breathtakingly beautiful designs of wedding invitation. We understand that wedding is a union of two souls in a great gathering and is a special moment in every couple's life, which are matchless and memorable. We provide you with the perfect blend of traditional flavor and an international appeal.

Our wedding card designers have years of proven experience in designing unique wedding invitations, which are a brilliant alloy of the traditional culture, style, and creativity.

A glance at our cards section will leave you spellbound. We also provide options to customize the cards according to your personal touch. Come and explore a new and fantastic world of invitation cards with us.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Beautiful, Handsome, Stunning and Spellbound are the applauds generally the bride and groom receive with the sincere involvement of our makeover team members. Certainly you too are going to receive these adorable appreciations. Our experts offer excellent makeup services suitable to various occasions of pre- wedding, wedding and post-wedding. Don’t miss our hand-picked magicians of makeup at

Whether your dream is to have a traditional Indian makeup or a soft beach ways on your wedding day, let our skilled hairstylists at Hindu Pooja create the style of your wedding dreams. Our certified professional makeup and hair styling team offer beauty assistance for weddings, special occasions and any photo shoots according to your specific requirements.

We always believe that "Makeup should enhance your natural beauty and should stay to your personal style." We understand that still most brides want to be like themselves on their special day. For this ,we use best quality makeup products, provides you with flawless makeup applications. Our wedding makeup artists will find number of ways to highlight your best features, and make you feel like a true princess /Prince.

Entertainment Events

We at Hindu Pooja, plan elegant and fun filled events to suit the nature and objectivity of the programme.. We aim to create magical, world-class and immersive experiences within the budgetary provisions.

Along with the traditional entertainment events, the latest trend includes the presence of a live band of singers, dancers and much more. We also invite artists according to the cliental requirements. If your event spans more than a week, we provide you with various entertainment choices to keep your guest's interest. These fantastic options add an altogether excitement and distinctive charm that sparkles the celebration.

With years of experience in the field, we have had the opportunity of working with various entertainment companies and artists. Different entertainment right from comedy shows, folk dances, bands, classical Indian dances, we provide you with the best of everything.

Sangeet and DJ

Having arranged several tones of happy marriages all over India, we know that people enjoy a traditional wedding system with delicious food and all the extensive rituals. However, in the past few years, this trend of traditional wedding is changed to a great extent, and almost every single marriage reception, engagement, and a sangeet ceremony is involving a Disc Jockey( DJ).

We at Hindu Pooja have been providing exceptional entertainment services and always keep our music/playlist collection up to date. Our DJs know how to make an event memorable, with lightning music to make your guests delight and going.

We cover everything from the soundtrack to the atmosphere so that you can enjoy your dream day. Our ability and attention to detail will vibe the crowd off and play the right music, interactive entertainers, as well as amazing customer service, and other services are unmatched with anyone in the industry. We deliver a variety of entertainment services for any event, making your guest talking long after the day is over.

From intimate to lavish and elaborate, every event is tailored to meet specific client requirements.

Costume Designing

Until recently, people have focused on wedding trousseaus, but now the fashion has gone up to the international market and got combined with the western culture. Fashion events are helping the designers to showcase their talent.'s professional team of fashion design veterans produce great brands and new clothing lines in the most creative, effective, and efficient way possible. Whether you are a single creature with a few ideas or an established fashion brand, we use our expertise and contacts to help you look unique in your special event/occasion.

Our costume designing team made up of expert fashion designers, production managers, developers and brand designers with degrees from the leading Fashion designing institutes.

We never miss the thrill of providing amazing wedding designs and custom events with unforgettable experiences for our clients. We understand that every event is a precise one and prefer to work with people who trust us to do it our way and who want the extraordinary.

Convention Hall Management takes you to a unique world in a splendid way with in affordable budget by managing and arranging everything in a completely organized manner.

We place everything in its an adorable way to meet all your expectations with in a comfort zone of your budget because customer satisfaction matters a lot for us. team takes care of all Convention hall bookings and Hotel bookings across India with utmost care.


‘Athidhi devo bhava’ is always the motto of our Hindu religion. Hindu Pooja provides an unforgettable experience of hospitality services with personal touch ,right from entry of guests till their departure.

We have tie-ups with the travel and transport service providers in all parts of the country to meet your logistics requirement of the event.