Shubh Laabh Ganesha-Design III

Key Features:

Dimensions: 6.8 inches (H) X 6 inches (L)
Weight: 170 grams

A single sticker comprising Shubh, Laabh and Ganesha.
Shubh and Laabh (the two words written in Devnagari script above the Swastika) are sons of Lord Ganesha.

Shubh means goodness and Laabh means benefit. This pair of decorative artifacts symbolize blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. It is stuck on entrance of prayer room or home or business premises.It stands for good luck, wealth and fame.

Ganesha is the first God to be invoked prior to every occasion. He removes obstacles in successful completion of any task. He is the embodiment of Love and Completion.

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