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Online Astrology Programs 

Astrology is the science of studying stars, planets, zodiac signs and their movements, relationships, and their influence on human beings. Especially Indian originated  Astrology is a multi-layered and multifaceted discipline based on ancient Vedas, which gives directions and valuable inputs for human beings.

Our objective is providing best astrology education with quality Gurus, teachers and instructors  who can teach astrology by inculcating interest in the subject and their vast knowledge in Astrology..

Our astrology courses are carefully designed to cater the needs and interests of learners from beginner to Advance to expertise level.


Level I: Planets and their significations.Cusps and their significations.Casting of horoscope, short prediction technic, Casting of horoscope, Vomsothari data system.

Duration - 35 hours - 3 Months

Level II:- Birth time rectifications, Ruling planets and their applications. Analasys of the chart

Duration - 40 hours - 4 Months 

Level III Research oriented topics like weather forecasting, cyclones, Earthquakes, all calamities, Medical Astrology.

Duration - Each Topic - 3 - 4 Months 

Contact Lecture timings - Saturday, Sunday, & Monday - 6AM - 7AM

  • Ability to use a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone to access the course
  • No previous knowledge of astrology required

We wish you a grand success for the career and expertise you’ve chosen.