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  • 13 Aug 2022


India's massive population is distinct as well as devout. "Puja" is the most common form of worshiping God by almost every Indian household. Even today, in this fast progression, Indian's believe in all religious customs. Be it a Puja, wedding celebration, vrath or homam, or any auspicious event, everyone needs a pandit for puja once in a while. 

Since many people believe in all these rituals passed from generation to generation, it's essential to understand their purpose and historical context. Most families used to have a family purohit who occasionally comes and performs all poojas at home. But due to the diverse work environment, people are moving from place to place for their jobs. They cannot find suitable pandits for rituals, or someone has time barriers, etc... In all these circumstances, online and digitization play a significant role. 

Impact Of COVID on Festival Poojas:

There has been a drastic change of lifestyle, Due to the impact of Coronavirus. The typical transformation of hygiene & social distancing in human behavior has influenced individuals' daily routines and habits. The government has released some guidelines for puja celebrations, wedding celebrations, or any religious rituals. These circumstances will remain for a long time in nature. 

Avail Purohit online with Just One Click:

Many individuals are unaware of how to perform puja during auspicious days, considering the pooja samagri list for festivals. If you are unsure of performing pooja rituals, then do not worry!!! We have an excellent solution for all your pooja needs. 

Due to the rapid increase in smartphones and the internet, most millennials are not fixing Pandit offline. At the same time, they are willing to take quick, easy, and hassle-free festival pooja services. So, Hindu Pooja Rituals came up with an alternative idea of availing purohits online for any festival, whether performed at home or in any function hall. 

HinduPoojaRituals - Pandit Booking Services Anytime Anywhere:

At hindupoojarituals, we endeavor to cater the best services and solutions to the consumer. Our services rigidly serve all the required religious procedures to commemorate life in the most religious format. 

Our E-Puja format is appreciated by most of the customers in which one can avail the Vedic Pandits services either with pooja samagri or without pooja samagri. One can avail of these e-puja services via zoom-call or video call. Besides e-puja services, customers can get all kinds of conciliating of all religious needs online or offline and in their desired language. There won't be any need to worry about the pooja samagri list as one can avail themselves of ordering pooja items online on the HinduPoojaRituals store. Our Best Vedic Pandits will perform all pooja, sanskar vidhi havan, Vrat, etc., step by step and with proper vidhi Vidhan. 

Our Devoted Services Include:

  1. Pooja Services.

  2. Wedding Pooja Services.

  3. Muhurtham Fixing for wedding, housewarming, etc.

  4. Astrological Services By Expert Vedic Astrologers.

  5. Numerology Services.

  6. Vasthu Consultation Services.

  7. Rasi Phalalu.

  8. Pilgrims Services.

Even with our Vedic pooja pandit services, one can efficiently perform simple havan at home in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, or any other preferred language. One can request to book online Pandit, who is qualified & most skilled to perform Vedic rituals at the home, office, or workplace.

You need to check our website to find pooja services or other services, select the desired language, and select the desired date. HinduPoojaRituals online pooja store will display all puja samagri kits based on selected vrat, homam, or puja. 

Not only are our services confined to the pooja path and their vidhi Vidhan, but we also offer our services in the upbringing of kids with moral & cultural values and make them responsible citizens towards society through the Sanskara Bharati platform. We also provide e-learning services such as Vedic mathematics, Veda pathashala, learning vastu, Astrological Programs, learning and practicing yoga and meditation. 

Wind-Up: Hindupoojarituals has divine blessings of His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, His Holiness Jagaduguru Sankaracharya Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji, and His Holiness Sri Vidhusekhara Bharathi Swamiji of Sri Sarada Peetham, Sringeri. Not only in India, but also we cater our divine services to patrons across the Globe who require Vedic needs & requirements. We bridge the gap with our services as prescribed in Vedas, sastras, and Upanishads with our expertise & a systematic approach to bringing sanctity to home or oneself.

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